Monday, March 17, 2014

Checking in

So 9 days later and I figured I would check in. Was not very good over spring break and didn't follow my diet. Thankfully I still have a one pound weight loss. Today looked like this:

2 mile run
3x10 leg press -72lbs
3x10 DB chest press -10 lbs
3x10 DB two arm rows -10 lbs
3x15 Russian twists -8 lbs
3x20 Jumping jacks

Weight: 143
Body fat: 26.9%
BMI: 24.9

My body fat has decreased by .4% which is not a big loss! but my short term goal is to get down to 24% so I'm well on my way. Now that I'm back to my normal schedule I'm hoping that I can really start to make some progress.

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